Category: Vista

In Internet explorer 7 there is a feautre called Protected mode, which works in Vista or Windows 7 but not in XP and below versions.

Here sometimes you might have come across with this situation. Eventhough you turned ON the protection mode by going to Tools -> Internet options. Still it will show Protected mode: off.

The reasons are

1. If the User access control is disabled then this protected mode feautre will not work.

2. If you are running IE 7 with administrative privilges.


In vista or Windows 7, Microsoft introduced a new feautre called User Access Control(UAC). Its mainly introduced to increase the security but when we attempt to see that window repeatedly its more irritating rather than providing security. So here are the steps to disable and enable the UAC

1. Start -> Run -> Msconfig -> Tools -> Enable or Disable UAP. But the above one requires a reboot.

If you want to avoid reboot please follow the below 2. Start -> Run -> Regedit 3. HKLM-> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Current version -> Policies -> System

On the right hand side window double click on “EnableLUA” and change the value from 1 to 0 If u want to enable UAC then change the “EnableLUA” value from 0 to 1.

4. U can also do the same thing using Control Panel -> User accounts settings but its beating around bush.